ToAZ INFO A Resolution Integrate For PDF Viewer

We are help developers need Integrate REST API as viewer for PDFs. This service developed and extended from PDF JS.

Features of ToAZ INFO


Annotate your PDF documents without difficulty by using highlighting text, including notes, freehand ink drawing, including photographs, and greater.

Document Editor

Add, duplicate, rotate, or delete pages, or maybe create a brand new file with the useful resource of selecting pages from a few different report.


Sign documents and bureaucracy anywhere using your finger or stylus, then flatten and keep the record to prevent changes.

Apple Device Features

  • Apple Pencil support
    (240 Hz resolution)
  • Taptic Engine support
  • Adaptive layout for iPad multitasking
  • Optimized for the iPad Pro
  • Sync documents via iCloud
  • iCloud Drive documents import and export
  • Quick Actions
    (3D Touch)
  • Messages Sticker Pack

Android Device Features

  • Document centric task management
  • Dynamic app shortcuts (Android 7.1)
  • Multi-window support
  • Chromebook support
  • Opens PDF files from virtually any third-party app
  • Supports all Android devices back to KitKat (version 4.4)

Read, Review, and Annotate

Whether you're operating by myself or collaborating with a group, ToAZ INFO maximizes productivity, permitting you to without problems study, evaluate, annotate, and seek PDFs.

Review, Annotate

Annotating your PDF documents via highlighting textual content, adding notes, freehand ink drawings, images and more is simple and smooth with ToAZ INFO. When you've got completed, without difficulty percentage or print those documents too.

  • Highlight text, ink drawing, including pics and notes, are just some of the numerous annotations kinds available.
  • Using the annotation inspector, you could speedy modify the fashion of your annotations to suit you.
  • A listing of all the annotations made makes it easy to look which parts of the file are being labored on or desires reviewing.
  • Split-view on iPad allows you to without problems evaluation your PDF even as operating in other apps.

Move, Add, Delete, Rotate, and Save

The Document Editor allows you to effortlessly upload new pages, duplicate present ones, rotate them, delete needless ones or even create a brand new report from a diffusion of pages out of another record.

Sign Anywhere

With ToAZ INFO you can sign documents and paperwork anywhere, the use of your finger or stylus, inclusive of the Apple Pencil. Resize and move your signature as wanted on the document. When completed, flatten and keep the document to prevent any changes.

And More

Advanced Settings
Advanced Settings

Take full manipulate with settings for view modes, the thumbnail bar, seek effects, and more.

Copy and Paste Pages
Copy and Paste PagesiOS

Easily copy pages to a distinct vicinity within the report, or even among documents.


Annotate plans, maps, and turned around pages with 360° free form rotation for annotations.